Cold Formed

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Cold Formed

HozzászólásSzerző: Ailton » pén. nov. 25, 2016 4:28 pm

Sorry my bad english.
Before use Axisvm modules to design, i made some researchs and then i decided that My national codes NBR is very similar to Eurocode, then I use this module to design, and in some cases I make check with external spreadsheet ( in a near future I will conect this spreadsheet straight into axisvm).
But all of this only for welded and Hot rolled members.
I see that axisvm dont design cold formed, then I do this in an external spreadsheet, but, I dont know eurocode totaly, and when i create some members made of plates (without radius) and check this members with cold formed, axisvm can design and show results like hot rolled.
My question:
Why exisvm can design if i checked with cold rolled?
This results are valid in eurocode if I create the member with effective dimensions?
I can use this to aproximate design and finally check with external spreadsheet?
I made a lot of basic experiences with another softwares with Nbr cold rolled included and results are very similar.
This week in my free time i will make some advanced analisys with bending.
Note 2:
All abot cold formed is new to me, and im doing a lot of researchs with strip methods, direct resistance methods.
Any scientific research or basic point of view can help me a lot.
Best regards,
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Re: Cold Formed

HozzászólásSzerző: Bokorka » szer. márc. 29, 2017 2:38 pm

Dear Ailton,
Sorry, but there was a mistake with our settings, we didn't receive a massage about new issues. My colleague will answer soon.
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Re: Cold Formed

HozzászólásSzerző: Gabor_InterCAD » hétf. ápr. 03, 2017 5:50 pm

I forwarded your mail to my Phd colleague who deals with this issue. I hope that tomorrow she will send me the answer.

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